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Lizzie Scott released her first book in January 2012. Her aim is to provide stories that can be educational to some, a comfort to others who are travelling an uncertain path with a child who has deep emotional and physical wounds and an inspiration to those who are considering entering the field of childcare as either a foster carer or a social worker.

Lizzie Scott was a foster carer for over 24 years, during which time she and her family shared their home with more than 200 children, of all ages and backgrounds. The true-life stories which she will share show of the suffering and courage of some of the most vulnerable children in our society and of the dedicated work foster carers, social workers and outside agencies give to enable them to move on to better futures, whether that is through a return to their birth families or on to new families via adoption or long term care.

Lizzie says "Our family went into fostering when our youngest child started playschool" as it was then known as. "The idea was that we would foster for a few years so that I didn't miss out on all the school activities that young children want their parents to attend." Once our children became more independent I would get a 'proper' job.

But of course, fostering quickly becomes a way of life for many who choose to 'work' in this part of the caring sector.

Nowadays there can be big rewards for those who work in the fostering field of childcare but...the biggest reward any foster carer can ever receive is that first smile from a 'frozen, unemotional and unresponsive' child, and that first truly relaxed and happy hug freely given and warmly received from the child to the carer.

Much consideration is given to matching the race and religious background of a child entering the care system... perhaps there would be less fostering breakdowns if more thought was put into matching the social worker and the foster carer as a foster carer will always go that extra mile for a social worker they like and trust.

Lizzie says "I would like to give special acknowledgement to some of the excellent social workers that shared in the traumas, tears, tantrums and happiness that our family and the children that shared our lives went through. So a huge Thank You for all your support, kindness and thoughtfulness goes to Sandra W; Chris M; Sue K; Julie O; Jackie W; Diane K, Ann F, Ann H and Ian M. As social workers you were some of the Best in the field in openly sharing your dedication to your work and encouragement to us in ours.