Lizzie Scott Books


This is a story of love and devotion by foster parents who really do care.
I read your first book with great interest some time ago and was left with a feeling of guilt. The guilt part was to realise how difficult a foster parent's job was on an everyday occurrence. This is something that doesn't come to mind for a normal just isn't thought of by the majority of people.

The story of Mia and your efforts to improve her tiny life is very moving. I felt the reward in your eyes as she opened her little hands to signify her relaxed state, the nurses also witnessing the act.

I have only praise for your fostering care, Mia was fortunate to be placed with you. She could have been placed with someone far less caring...I dread to think of the consequences.

As usual, this story is written very well with vivid detail that pulls at the heartstrings. Truly sad events that turn out for the better...I'm well pleased!


“A significant book because of the insight it brings to the reader of the complexity of relationships, and trauma for the cared for and the carer with fostering children. This book entertains, educates and arouses all sorts of emotions for the reader. It is also an inspirational book as it sends out messages of hope that there are some people who care a lot about others and have the patience and courage to support and offer a decent framework for those who need it.”

“Written with clarity and without drama, it's an easy read, but so disturbing. Few people appreciate how mistreatment can result in the most inexplicable behaviour in even very young children. It's important that parents and anyone involved in the caring professions or even thinking about it, should be aware, and this honest and frank book will certainly help achieve that.”

“Touching and effective. Written well, and at a pace that reads very well;
I hope this does well.”

“Not only is the detail in this book an elemental draw, the writing style has much to commend it simply on style and structured pace alone.”

“It is the eye for detail that marks this out as a crafted piece as well as an interesting non-fiction story.”

“This is a touching, gritty true story. Thought provoking. Vivid scenes.  Evocative narrative. Confident writing.”

“This is a story that has been so well told. When I say story I mean it in the non-fiction sense. Honest, open, real, heartrending.”

“Tormented is presented in business-like but graphic detail and there is no doubt as to the validity of the story contained therein. Painful experiences are vividly described and the difficulties encountered in attempting to analyse the behaviour and thought processes of foster children, influenced as they are by previous 'care and attention', are identified. This work is competent and knowledgeable and is virtually an informal treatise.”